Founded in 2007 by Kyle Powers at age sixteen, Ub3r's Modding Enterprise (U.M.E.) was an in-home start-up company whose roots stemmed from that of a personal hobby. Specializing in the modification of various video game console and video game console accessories, U.M.E. served as a local and national resource for consumers who valued increased functionality and uniqueness in their video gaming experience. U.M.E. also served as a gateway for Kyle, leading into an unparalleled self-expression of art; while also, a stepping stone toward a future in electrical engineering.

Common hardware modifications included the replacing/painting of cases/chassis, the replacing/adding of lights (LEDs, SMDs, cold cathodes) in a controller/console, the modification of cooling techniques (better fans, more vents, water cooling), the increasing of storage space (larger hard drives), the integrating of external devices (wireless controller dongles, infrared remote detectors, hard drives), and the replacing of faulty devices/parts/accessories (capacitors, drives, chips, power supplies). Common software modifications included user interface/dashboard replacements (XMBC), the ability to backup games/movies to hard drive for decreased read times and increased portability, and other user functions atypical of default manufacturer configurations.

Please check out Console Modifications for self-authored guides and more pictures of client projects

Founder (06/07 - 06/09): Colonial Heights, VA

  • http://Ub3rsModdingEnterprise.co.nr
  • In-home business specializing in the hardware and software modification of video game consoles and accessories.
  • Performed basic circuit manipulation, schematic creating, troubleshooting, and other assorted electronic work
  • Worked with soldering irons, light emitting & surface mount diodes, resistors, transistors, microchips, and digital multimeters