Ace of Tech

"Ace of Tech is a new and invigorating technology site for anything and everything tech, for the all of latest and greatest tech news, tutorials, help guides, How-To’s, D.I.Y. guides, and tech product reviews add Ace of Tech to your daily reading!

This new start up tech site by Benjamin T., an avid “techie” who enjoys the pleasures of the every-advancing technology around us, and Evan A. Martin, the Executive robotics designer for SCRS Corporation, CEO of EM Networks Inc, and a culinary graduate, is here to deliver the world of tech to your computer screen.

Ace of Tech is like a web magazine. Delivering daily coverage of everything new in tech, consumer, gadgets, and electronics. Along with dozens of helpful tutorials, help guides, How-To’s, D.I.Y. guides, and product reviews. Ace of Tech was launched in January of 2008."


Weblog Journalist (06/08 - 06/09): Colonial Heights, VA

  • (rescinded 2011)
  • Provided weekly posts regarding the latest technologies, gadgets, reviews, tutorials, D.I.Y. guides, and how-to’s
  • Authored fourteen guides/tutorials revolving around the modification of various video game consoles and accessories