Wii Remote - Lighting the A Button (v2)


  • Wiimote
  • Soldering Iron (I used a Weller 25w)
  • Soldering Sponge
  • Solder (Rosin Core/.022dia)
  • Wire (I used either 24awg or 26awg.. 30awg would work too)
  • 0603 SMD color of your choice*
  • Resistor*
  • Tri-wing Screwdriver
  • 2 writing utensils/pens (one slightly bigger than the other)

*In this tutorial I used an 0603 blue SMD (3.3v). I have yet to test an SMD that requires 2.1v (such as Red). Assuming that the wiimote outputs 3.3v, you'll need to use an 15ohm 1/4w resistor to properly power 4 2.1v 0603 SMDs.

Where to get a Tri-wing Screwdriver-

My tri-wing screwdriver looks like this-

Where to get SMDs-

SMD Polarity-

Before we start, I've read that some wiimotes are incapable of being modded. This is indicated by a series of numbers printed on the wiimote's PCB. Just take off the battery cover, remove the batteries and take a look. This wiimote is moddable-

However, I've also read that it doesn't matter.. but alternate power sources may have to be used. I'm not sure.

Lighting Up The A Button

Step 1-
Disassembling your wiimote:
Use this tutorial- Link

Step 2-
Prepping your wire:
What I want you to do is take your wire.. cut 2 strips.. approximately 3 inches long (the length doesn't particularly matter). Then I want you to completely remove the insulation stuff. Hopefully you'll get something like this-

Step 3-
Prepping your wire (continued):
Now I want you to put your pens to good use! I want you to take the wire you just prepped and wrap the wire around the pen to make a nice little circle. Now do this with the other wire.. but to your bigger pen.. making a slightly bigger circle. Once you got both circle made.. where the wires crosses itself, I want you to solder it (to make it a permanent circle).

Step 4-
Soldering your SMDs:
Take 1 SMD and solder it to the smaller circle. It doesn't really matter which side gets soldered.. it's up to you. I soldered the cathode (negative) side to the smaller circle. Repeat this 3 more times to get something like this-

Step 5-
Soldering your SMDs (continued):
Now that your SMDs are all soldered on one side.. take the bigger circle you made and place it around/under/outside the smaller circle you made. Solder the other end of the SMDs to the outer circle.

Step 6-
Prepping for install:
What I did to prepare for install was cut away some of the outer circle. I then soldered a wire to the outer circle and a wire to the newly exposed inner circle. It looked like this-

Step 7-
-You have a couple of options for install. You can of course install to the regular ol' power source points-

-You can solder to wires from previous mods (this is what I ended up doing)
-You can use this with the fader mod- Link
-You can solder to the rumble points, so that it only lights up when the wiimote rumbles-

Step 8-
Go ahead and put the wiimote's PCB back into the bottom half of the casing. Plug your batteries in and push the B button. Assuming you didn't do the rumble install, it should light up!

Step 9-
Now that you know it works, go ahead and reassemble it. Please refer to my disassembly tutorial if needed.

Step 10-
Final testing:
Now that it's completely back together.. go ahead and test it. This is mine-

Here's a video of the Wiimote and Nunchuck fading- Link