Wii - Replacing the Lights in the Light Bar


  • Wii
  • Tri-wing screwdriver
  • Small Phillips screwdriver
  • 2 SMDs*
  • Soldering Iron
  • Soldering Sponge
  • Solder (Rosin Core; I used .022dia)
  • Some type of tweezers

* I used 0603s. I'd recommend getting 0805s or some right angle SMDs.

Where to get a Tri-wing Screwdriver-

My tri-wing screwdriver looks like this-

Where to get SMDs-

SMD Polarity-

Replacing the SMDs in the Light Bar

Step 1-
Disassembling your Wii:
Use this tutorial- Link.
Stop at Step 5 and just remove the faceplate

Step 2-
Disassembling the faceplate:
There are 3 Phillips screws that you need to remove.

Step 3-
Finding what we're working with:
Just in case you're lost, here's what we're going to be dealing with-

Step 4-
Disassembling continued:
Once you get those screws removed, you'll end up with something like this-

Step 5-
Removing the clear plastic part:
In this step, you move the clear plastic part (light diffuser I suppose). It just pops right off.

Step 6-
Removing the PCBs:
Now that the clear plastic part is off, the PCBs come right off. Just pop 'em out/give 'em a tug.

Step 7-
Removing the stock SMDs:
Just like in some other tutorials I've done, I like to bathe the SMDs in solder. This basically connects both pads of the SMD so that when you heat this glob of solder, it melts both pads... allowing the SMD to be easily removed/deposited into your sponge.

Step 8-
Soldering on your new SMDs:
Again, like I've mentioned in previous tutorials... I like to prep my pads with a little mound/mountain of solder. This time, since I used 0603 SMDs (which were a little smaller than the stock SMDs), I had to kinda point my mound/mountains toward each other. This made it easier when soldering the SMD. So grab your tweezers, an SMD, and your soldering iron...and get to it! Make sure that you're soldering your SMD on its side! Use the following pictures for reference-

It'll look something like this when completed-

Step 9-
Now that you've done both SMDs.. reassemble your faceplate and go ahead and plug it back into your Wii. Turn your Wii on and it'll flash the light bar. If done correctly, it'll now be the new color you chose!
If you want a better show, try sending yourself a message. The light bar will fade/pulse while your Wii is on or off.

For this tutorial, I did white (because that's what my friend wanted, lol).

Here's a video of it connected to a Wii with a PulseVU installed- Link

And that's it! You're done! Another success I hope!

More Information-
-If you like your new mod and want to look at it all the time, try doing Pablot's mod. It's an easy mod that will keep the light bar always on!
-The PulseVU is a sickdimension/pablot product. See this link for more details.
-You don't have to change both SMDs. You can just change one! You can get a cool effect like this-

Mod done by BIMPtacular