Wii Nunchuk - Lighting the C and Z Buttons

  • Soldering Iron
  • Soldering Sponge
  • Solder (Rosin Core/.022dia)
  • Wire (30awg)
  • 3mm LED color of your choice*
  • Resistor*
  • Tri-wing Screwdriver
*In this tutorial I used a 3mm Blue LED (3.3v/30ma). I have yet to test an LED that requires 2.1v (such as Red). Assuming that the nunchuk outputs 3.3v, you'll need to use an 82ohm 1/4w resistor to properly power a 2.1v LED. Or if you've performed the Nunchuk Analog Stick LED Mod, then you must account for 2 LEDs.

Where to get LEDs-

Where to get a Tri-wing Screwdriver-

My tri-wing screwdriver looks like this-

Lighting up the C and Z Buttons

Step 1-
Disassembling the nunchuk:
Use this tutorial- Link

Step 2-
Finding the solder points:
I performed this mod on a Nunchuk that had already been modded with an Analog Stick LED. So if you don't plan on installing an Analog Stick LED, then use these 2 points (make sure to make your wires longer)
-Notice that Red = Positive and Black = Negative.

If you plan on doing this mod on a Nunchuk that has already been modded with an Analog Stick LED, then use the following picture.
-Notice that Red = Positive and Black = Negative.

Step 3-
The LED:
Grab your LED and snip the legs off. You may want to mark one of the legs or use different colored wire. I left a little less than a centimeter.

Step 4-
The Wires:
Grab your 30awg wire and measure about 5cm/2in (more if you're not installing this into a premodded nunchuk) and give it a cut. Then strip the ends.

Step 5-
Soldering the wires to the LED:
Take your wires and solder them to your LED.

Step 6-
Twisting the wires together:
Go ahead and twist the wires together.. It'll make things neater.

Step 7-
Grab your LED/Wires and solder them appropriately keeping this picture in mind-

It should end up looking something like this-

Step 8-
Go ahead and give it a test. Plug your nunchuk into your wiimote and press a button on your wiimote. If done correctly, it should light up!

Step 9-
Bending the LED:
This is where this mod actually gets difficult. You're gonna have to mess around with it bit. But what you want to do is bend the LED in such a way that when you place it into the Z button (no picture).. it faces upwards and towards the inside of the nunchuk. I placed the LED on the left side of the Z button (looking from the inside of the nunchuk) in the bottom (bottom left quadrant) hole (again, sorry no picture)

Step 10-
Make sure your C and Z buttons are in place.
Make sure you put the analog stick back on correctly.
Place the top of the nunchuk back on.
Screw back together.

Step 11-
Testing once more:
Once you got it all together, plug it into your wiimote and give it another test. If you've installed correctly, everything should light up and you should be good to go!