Microelectronic Integrated Circuit Fabrication

Explores fabrication technologies for the manufacture of integrated circuits and microsystems. Emphasizes processes used for monolithic silicon-based systems and basic technologies for compound material devices. Topics include crystal properties and growth, Miller indices, Czochralski growth, impurity diffusion, concentration profiles, silicon oxidation, oxide growth kinetics, local oxidation, ion implantation, crystal annealing, photolithography and pattern transfer, wet and dry etching processes, anisotropic etches, plasma etching, reactive ion etching, plasma ashing, chemical vapor deposition and epitaxy; evaporation, sputtering, thin film evaluation, chemical-mechanical polishing, multilevel metal, device contacts, rapid thermal annealing, trench isolation, process integration, and wafer yield.

Microelectronic Integegrated Circuit Fabrication Laboratory

Fabrication and testing of MOS capacitors. Determination of material properties, including carrier concentration, mobility, lifetime, orientation, and layer thickness. Device fabrication using oxidation, diffusion, evaporation, and device testing of MOS and power bipolar transistors.

Independent Research

High-Performance Low-Power VLSI Lab - Researching printable organic electronics. Sought full-integration of CMOS-to-bitmap software with lab organic electronic printer; tested with custom CMOS designs.

Financial Aspects of Engineering

Investigates various financial aspects of engineering. Topics include basic economic analysis (e.g., opportunity cost, time value of money), calculation of present value, interest rates, basic principles of accounting, methods of depreciation, risk analysis, insurance, taxation, decision analysis, and legal issues.. 

The Engineer, Ethics, and Professional Responsibility

This course focuses on ethical issues in engineering. The key theme is that ethics is central to engineering practice. The professional responsibilities of engineers are examined as well as broader issues as they affect and are affected by engineering practice. Students produce an STS Research paper linked to their technical thesis project and complete all of the requirements for the senior thesis.

Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe

An exploration of the unsolved mysteries in the universe and the limits of our knowledge.  The class emphasizes the nature of scientific endeavor, and explores the boundaries between science, philosophy, and metaphysics.  A number of thought provoking topics are discussed including the beginning and end of the universe, black holes, extraterrestrial life, the nature of time, dark matter and dark energy.