Standing in the midst of a four-way intersection - a crossroads in my life, if you will - I find it to be a particularly daunting task to not only look at how far I've come; but also, how much farther I still have to go. It's scary being at, what I would call, one's "quarter-life crisis"; that is, twenty years of age, quickly segueing into the realm of adulthood, and succumbing to decisions that more than easily impact the direction in which our own lives will take us. An infinite amount of paths more than likely exist for any one person, but all too weirdly, it's almost as if we all choose the same one. We're born, we learn, we work, we retire, and we say good bye; a life of mediocrity at best.

But then there are the few who take life as an opportunity, who do more than anyone could have ever thought possible. For them, bumps in the road become joyous moments of reality. Joyous because they're dreamers. They're innovators of society. Every failure is just as important as every success and every second as important as the last. For them, working hard isn't an option, it's a lifestyle. They laugh at the face of adversity and are instead compelled by righting wrongs. They're fueled by not just their hopes, but by their desire to do good. They thrive on leaving a legacy and are never satisfied with simply making a difference. And quite frankly, the world just doesn't have enough of them.

My name is Kyle Powers, and I am one of these people.

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